Manufactured homes, Modular homes, component homes..yes, some agents do not know the difference. If you are using financing, your lender is going to want to know how your home was constructed. Most experienced agents will be able to tell enough by a photo to immediately research which type of building you may want to see. Manufactured homes(originally brought in on wheels) are not financed by many lenders. They will require a foundation certification and proof that the Title has been surrendered, making it no longer a moveable structure. Lack of proof of a title surrender can delay the closing by months. Listing agents who miss or advertise these homes for sale without disclosing are doing harm to their client and potential buyers. There are 'hud tags' required for the make sure they are there!
Modular homes can look very similar to a Mfgrd. home, but are brought in sections to the building site on flatbeds. They do not required the title surrender step, but your lender may have other overlays to the loan process. Proof may be required to show the home is modular, not manufactured.
Component homes (commonly called Wassau Homes after one of the oldest builders in Wisc.) are a completely different type of construction. The foundation and framework are completed and the 'panels' of the home are created in a climate controled facility and delivered to the site when the framework is ready. These are financined as a stick built product..not manufactured or modular.
Working with an experienced and ethical agent can help to avoid many headaches. Our rural areas have some of the highest concentrations of these homes on acreage..due to price points. Ask questions early!