It's fall in Minnesota..which means these horrendously large spiders are looking to sneak in and winter over in your nice warm house with you.  This morning, I went to grab my tennis shoe under the desk, and noticed it had a bit of a spider web across the opening where my freshly painted toes were just about to enter.  Slowly, carefully, I turned the shoe to find a HUGE, almost the size of Manhatten, spider clinging for dear life, just under my left ring finger.  Who knew spider could hold on to airborne objects?  Impact changed that a bit, and in deference to the faint of heart, I will only say that the aforementioned hairy, fierce creature joined all other Klingons in their heartfelt " Today is a good day to Die".  I realize some people are allergic to pets with fur, which also lends me to encourage you to consider caulking all points of entry small enough for insects, and cuddly spiders with hairy legs.  We would not want you sneezing in the winter months..or throwing shoes and boots that have become homes for Mother Recluse, or Wolf..I like shoes..I love boots..they do too..but that is an entirely different a heel..caulk your entry is fall in the Midwest!